post flood housing type 01

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This solution for the housing shortage caused by the floods is based on the area constraints of the prime ministers avas yojana scheme of 400 sq. ft. house. Although various models are available under the scheme to choose from this solution makes way for incremental development based on the users future needs. Developed from the 8×5 m grid constraint of the scheme this developed design model offers potential for growth as the fin-walls on the side and the pitched roof element offers space for such development [illustrated in the diagrams below]. the fin walls based on-site constraints can develop into small walled-court spaces in effect extending the functioning area available of the house.

For convenience the model is divided into different phases

Phase 1 -structure designed according to prime ministers avas yojana scheme

Phase 2 – development of truss roof

Phase 3 – incremental development of fin-wall to create courts

Phase 4 – incremental use of truss roof space.DIAGRAMSView 6 w2

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