2020 Apartment Interior

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The symbolic and functional role of the ‘table’ as the stage for eating, playing, working, doing homework, socialising and so on comes centre stage again in the 2020 house designed in Cochin for a globe-trotting couple, their daughter and their collection of books. Borrowing Pallasmaa’s words, the table fulfils the role of the hearth and becomes the organising centre of the house. The white, seamless, monolithic walls seem to flow from this sacred core forming a pristine and pure architectural form seemingly devoid of the burden of contextual gestures. Instead, the rooms, cabinets and nooks seem to hold secrets, treasured memories and aspirations of the inhabitants, turning every facet of the house into personalised territories. The playful articulation of the walls creates parallel worlds of light and shade, at times flooding the interiors in pleasant sunlight and at other times being absorbed into the grainy hues of deep, wooden library shelves. 

Text: Reshma Mathew

Photos: Syam Sreesylam http://www.syamphotographer.com/

Model: Roshan Mathew, Geenu Siby

Interior Contracting/ Furniture: The Lofts www.thelofts.in

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