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1990 house

T&B revisited, preserving memory, architectural features are potent reminders of the past and new shells for current needs. Building like an organism modifies itself to meet new needs as it ages.

1868 house

Primarily a conservation project. Conservation of a 150 year old riverside dwelling in Kerala leads to recognizing in adaptability to requirements of its fourth generation inheritors. The relevance of thermal comforts of courtyard typology with respect to different living patterns is variable. The tower and […]

voluntary prisoners of peace

Miles of barbed wire in double lines separate what was once the same land. Today the narrow stretch of no man’s land marks the tension between two nations. Except for the military surveillance posts, the 1800 mile long stretch remains unpunctuated. The inherent quality of […]

solo house

A dwelling for a solo user was the first typological experiment. This is the prototypical tower and block.

1850 courtyard

Half a bore-well, an obscure courtyard, a tailor’s shop and a tourists info desk – Odd consequences of building rules and property divisions form the basic canvas into which new use was to be adapted. A zero budget project in Fort Kochi that reuses the […]

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