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1990 house

“The question of the fragment in architecture is very important since it may be that only ruins express a fact completely. Photographs of cities during war, sections of apartments, broken toys. Delphi and Olympia. This ability to use pieces of mechanisms whose overall sense is […]

1850 courtyard

Half a bore-well, an obscure courtyard, a tailor’s shop and a tourists info desk – Odd consequences of building rules and property divisions form the basic canvas into which new use was to be adapted. A zero budget project in Fort Kochi that reuses a […]

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boring cube project

The project is developed as a tribute to Ar.Laurie Baker, to celebrate his 100th birth anniversary. An initiative by IIA Trivandrum to do 100 installations with brick at selected places in and around Trivandrum city. A demonstration of the versatility of the banal primary geometric […]