Artist’s Atelier & Home

A symphony in brick:A modernist and minimal exploration of the cube imagined as an artist’s home and studio in the quintessential, midsize urban plot. Photography @syam.photographer@akjustin57 Project architect @sidharthan_emmatty@_nandu10_Structure @wvagroupProject management @immanuel_mathew

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2020 Apartment Interior

The symbolic and functional role of the ‘table’ as the stage for eating, playing, working, doing homework, socialising and so on comes centre stage again in the 2020 house designed in Cochin for a globe-trotting couple, their daughter and their collection of books. Borrowing Pallasmaa’s […]

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The existing building, a unit in the middle income housing sector in Panampilly Nagar, Kochi. The programme for the project was a flagship store on handcrafted jewellery for the brand Pure Allure which specialises in precious handcrafted jewellery from Jaipur, Rajasthan. The brief had to […]

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2018 house

The brief presented to us a residence built in 2018 for a single family which had the typical design aesthetic of residences made by contractors in Kerala. We were asked to produce a design for the house which would better satisfy the client’s needs both […]

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1990 house

“The question of the fragment in architecture is very important since it may be that only ruins express a fact completely. Photographs of cities during war, sections of apartments, broken toys. Delphi and Olympia. This ability to use pieces of mechanisms whose overall sense is […]

1850 courtyard

Half a bore-well, an obscure courtyard, a tailor’s shop and a tourists info desk – Odd consequences of building rules and property divisions form the basic canvas into which new use was to be adapted. A zero budget project in Fort Kochi that reuses a […]

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1868 house

Primarily a conservation project. Conservation of a 150 year old riverside dwelling in Kerala leads to recognizing in adaptability to requirements of its fourth generation inheritors. The relevance of thermal comforts of courtyard typology with respect to different living patterns is variable. The tower and […]

cathedrals of life

A city must be studied and valued as something constructed over time; something that evolved over years meeting the contemporary needs of its people at every point in time. It should be seen as a dynamic sentient being that is brought to life by the […]

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post flood housing type 01

This solution for the housing shortage caused by the floods is based on the area constraints of the prime ministers avas yojana scheme of 400 sq. ft. house. Although various models are available under the scheme to choose from this solution makes way for incremental […]

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1995 mosque

Arenovation project in the historic fabric of Fort Kochi. The existing building on site was strictly utilitarian in nature and construction, producing various undesired results of form and odd corner spaces within the site edges. These undesired results at present have only served to promote […]

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