1995 mosque

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Arenovation project in the historic fabric of Fort Kochi.

The existing building on site was strictly utilitarian in nature and construction, producing various undesired results of form and odd corner spaces within the site edges. These undesired results at present have only served to promote an unhygienic environment around the present building also an odd form in relation to the historic fabric.

The intervention takes away the undesired results by pushing the current built form to the site edges where the wall comes into being enveloping the present functions also expanding them to an extent.  The wall with its perforations helps unify the form with the historic context and produces spaces that open up and connect with immediate context outside its boundaries.

The tower takes up the symbolic aspect of its religious function is oriented to mecca and the faith itself being a more recent introduction in a broad historical viewpoint, takes the form of roof tile kiln chimneys, an element introduced to the historic fabric as a new, from the broader context.

Existing Ground Floor Plan

existing condition

Ground Floor Plan_web



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